Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Design A Custom Home For Me?

Yes. Custom home design is our specialty. If you do not find the style, look, or size home you are looking for, we will be happy to discuss a custom home plan design solution for you. Use the convenient form to [dcscf-link action=”open”]. Close form: [dcscf-link action=”close”].

Can Plans Be Modified?

Yes. Our plans may be modified to suit a purchaser’s specific needs. We offer modification services or allow the purchaser to modify the plans as may be required.

In What Format Can Plans be Purchased?

PDF. PDF plans are secure and uneditable. An email address is required for delivery.

Bond Paper. Bond Paper prints are paper drawings delivered to your door. A physical shipping address is required and shipping charges apply.

CAD File. CAD files are provided in either DWG or DXF format. An email address is required for delivery.

Can Plans be Mirrored?

Yes. MIRRORing a plan is flipping a house plan from left-to-right. Besides all floor plans being mirrored, all exterior elevations, sections, etc. are also MIRRORed. The price to do this depends on the size and complexity of the home. Call for details.

Does Purchasing the Plans Mean I Own Them?

No. We hold the copyright on all plans we offer for sale. We grant a license for single (one-time use) only. This license entitles you to build one home with the purchase of our plans. Building two or more homes using a single purchase license is copyright infringement. Additional licenses must be purchased to construct additional homes.

Should Purchased Plans be Engineered?

Yes. Most of our homes were designed for use in coastal South Carolina in accordance with the prevailing International Residential Code. The plans we provide are sufficient to build the home, however, the plans may not be sufficient to obtain a building permit in your municipality. Many states and certain municipalities require that residential plans be evaluated and sealed by a state-licensed structural engineer where the home is being built. This engineer designs the structural foundation, framing, etc. to complement the purchased plan.

How is Square Footage Calculated?

The heated square footage is calculated along the outside perimeter of the exterior framing members, i.e. the outside of a wood stud wall. In a two-story house the stair area is calculated once on the first floor and one-half of the stair area is calculated on the second floor. In a three-story house the stair area is calculated once on the first floor, once on the third floor, and not counted on the second floor.

What Sheets Are Included in a Construction Set?

See Construction Drawings for sample construction sets. Sets shown include sheets which incur additional costs.

See What Else Do I Need for other available drawings.

Is An HVAC Plan Included?

No. Unless a home is extremely large, duct layout plans are not usually required. HVAC design is typically provided by a local licensed HVAC subcontractor. An HVAC subcontractor, familiar with the local climate and conditions, will design the HVAC system based on best local practices. HVAC system design is typically included in the price of system installation.

Can Plans be Returned or Exchanged?

No. All sales are final. Plans may not be returned or exchanged for any reason.